jxdn - Better Off Dead (Official Video)


  1. GreenGhost

    GreenGhostПре сат

    Holy crap thats Travis Barker!

  2. Ishak Ben

    Ishak BenПре 20 сати

    hey quick tip , seems wierd when only knowing you through your music ( which reflects your sadness and anxity .. etc ) and seeing you acting cute in front on the camera with extraversion ... it's either you're a sad introverted boy or the highschool popular ( only from a marketing/image/brand point of view ) . music dope tho

  3. Natalia Duque Bermúdez

    Natalia Duque BermúdezПре дан


  4. slimequeen glitter

    slimequeen glitterПре дан

    I feel like I am batter off dead

  5. slimequeen glitter

    slimequeen glitterПре дан

    I was crying and I am so sad

  6. Cheyenne Alverson

    Cheyenne AlversonПре дан

    im 13 year old on my mom chrome i am a big fan

  7. Taylor carlson

    Taylor carlsonПре дан


  8. just for fun

    just for funПре 2 дана

    If you like this song and album search Sipeo Fragments of the Lost Rockstar , you’ll be glad you did! 🤩

  9. darky /

    darky /Пре 2 дана


  10. slimequeen glitter

    slimequeen glitterПре 3 дана

    The song is so good

  11. John Remus

    John RemusПре 3 дана

    Tell me why her new boyfriend is Wal-Mart version of JXDN

  12. fay Horne

    fay HorneПре 4 дана

    These songs are saving me at the moment 🥺

  13. Desiree Noel

    Desiree NoelПре 4 дана

    My ex tried to get me to go out with him last night, I sent him this song lol perfect

  14. Ilona Stevenson

    Ilona StevensonПре 4 дана

    i fckn love your music and i’m actually so glad i found it

  15. Devin Cavazos

    Devin CavazosПре 5 дана

    Y’all, need some help here. I went on one date w a cute girl and things went smooth. Then things went downhill and she wasn’t ready for anything. She puts this song on her story. Should I send her a song to let her know I’m thinking of her? -I was the one that decided to move on.

  16. Alan Higgins

    Alan HigginsПре 6 дана

    Looks like herpy bump there on jdxnmes

  17. Malaika Mudassar

    Malaika MudassarПре 6 дана

    i'm leaving this comment here so after a month or a year when someone likes it, I get reminded of this song ❤

  18. Savannah Salinas

    Savannah SalinasПре 8 дана

    thats MGK pool lol if anyone noticed

  19. Ka Jush

    Ka JushПре 9 дана

    omg yeees♥

  20. Itzel Gallardo

    Itzel GallardoПре 10 дана


  21. David Cormier

    David CormierПре 10 дана

    Aye this generation is getting some quality music 🙌🙌 happy for my kids 👌👌 I’m 24

  22. Stephen Łãŕå

    Stephen ŁãŕåПре 11 дана


  23. Kitty Kito

    Kitty KitoПре 12 дана

    In a couple of years I’ll proudly be one of the people that are gonna say “ I remember when he released his first song “

  24. Skye_54

    Skye_54Пре 12 дана

    this song got me through a lot of shit

  25. Crispin Bivens

    Crispin BivensПре 15 дана

    Everytime i feel like i take 6 steps towards healing i fall 3 steps back... 😔😔😔😔

  26. Crispin Bivens

    Crispin BivensПре 15 дана

    Exactly how my recent girlfriend did me... 😔😔😔😭💔.... Cloudy with a chance of anxiety Cant keep out the demons inside of me. Maybe im just better off dead?... 😔😔😔😔

  27. Mikaela Rivera

    Mikaela RiveraПре 15 дана

    Imagine dixie invite jaden to her show hahaha the whole social media is going to blow up lmao

  28. Isabella Smile

    Isabella SmileПре 16 дана

    Respect to jaden for picking a women of color to be his on screen gf

  29. Lord Jaw MooK

    Lord Jaw MooKПре 17 дана

    The only reason I clicked this was cause I noticed it came up before Flatbush zombies better off dead. I hate this world you all suck

  30. Caro Lindmann

    Caro LindmannПре 18 дана

    He’s so beautiful

  31. Color Light

    Color LightПре 18 дана


  32. Henry Gibson

    Henry GibsonПре 18 дана

    yo is that the pool from the ttmd cover

  33. all plush all day 1

    all plush all day 1Пре 19 дана

    Jxdn/Blackbear collab?

  34. Aoife Smith

    Aoife SmithПре 19 дана

    Is that mgk’s pool?? Lol

  35. Keegan Spellious

    Keegan SpelliousПре 20 дана

    I listed to this song on the radio with my cousin on or way home I loved it

  36. Разиля Юнусова

    Разиля ЮнусоваПре 22 дана


  37. Cam_Hockey33

    Cam_Hockey33Пре 22 дана

    The only respectable “tiktoker”

  38. Surangana Shilpakar

    Surangana ShilpakarПре 23 дана

    Cloudy with a chance of meatballs aahahahaha

  39. Shadow

    ShadowПре 23 дана

    Having mental disorders and had their heart broken reality :better of dead How parents think of it: hormones and Dixie’s sometimes I don’t wanna be happy

  40. Drew Kuffler

    Drew KufflerПре 23 дана

    Was Travis just chilling in the pool or what?

  41. Dxrcyx

    DxrcyxПре 23 дана

    He is so cute, I literally love him. His vids are so classy and into depression. Great work.....!!!! 😍😍

  42. Camila Rodriguez

    Camila RodriguezПре 23 дана

    love it. 💓

  43. Dom Doyle

    Dom DoyleПре 24 дана

    The Whole album slaps

  44. SXVN

    SXVNПре 24 дана


  45. Connor Powell

    Connor PowellПре 24 дана

    Can def hear Blackbear and Lauv here - solid song

  46. Katerina

    KaterinaПре 24 дана

    Definetely THE BEST SONG of the albummmm We all lovee uuu jadennnn

  47. Hannah Caridi

    Hannah CaridiПре 24 дана

    Your talent is amazballs 😭😩👑👑

  48. Black shadows 85

    Black shadows 85Пре 24 дана

    hi may not know me im kare sexton 22 engaged im been fightign my demons latly i been wishing i was dead been 4 years since i last said bye to my loer to the milltary and bee crying into my mom mom i suffer with autisum and i been strungly and right now i have gaven up till i heard this song your music helps me colp with him being gone so much but im stilling wishing i was dead anyway kate wisp is my snapchat come help me through my losing talk and chill thanks

  49. Aiden Keene

    Aiden KeeneПре 24 дана


  50. AdellyBarbara

    AdellyBarbaraПре 25 дана

    Travis 4ever 🍀❤🇧🇷

  51. yama longjam

    yama longjamПре 25 дана

    Travis is living god artist, every young artist touch Travis , become god 😄

  52. Heli T.

    Heli T.Пре 25 дана

    Am I the only one who thinks he should collab with mgk, yungblud & lil huddy ?!

  53. Lukas Cohen

    Lukas CohenПре 25 дана

    There's a lot of Panic at the Disco influence in this video.

  54. Random Stuff and ye

    Random Stuff and yeПре 26 дана

    I’m so upset he doesn’t say cloudy with a chance of meatballs

  55. Lance._

    Lance._Пре 26 дана

    Its actually scary how much you can relate to the lyrics if you listen hard enough.

  56. Lusy16

    Lusy16Пре 26 дана

    love it

  57. Flash

    FlashПре 27 дана

    Why ur name ⁶⁶jxdn⁹⁹

  58. Gloria S

    Gloria SПре 27 дана

    famous song!!!

  59. Szausze Maestro

    Szausze MaestroПре 27 дана

    such bad music lol

  60. Del Rosario

    Del RosarioПре 29 дана

    First time listening and I love it😍🎶

  61. lex ☝️😩

    lex ☝️😩Пре месец

    he’s literally not a tiktoker he’s a fucking rockstar

  62. Kuhle Socke

    Kuhle SockeПре месец

    Machine Gun Kelly ??


    MSMECHANICПре месец

    I am getting real life Wybie Lovat from Coraline vibes!!!

  64. Libbyplayz Roblox

    Libbyplayz RobloxПре месец

    This song fire AF

  65. Katelyn Rockz

    Katelyn RockzПре месец

    Mistake my pAin for pleasure

  66. Valeria Rivera

    Valeria RiveraПре месец

    He trying to act like one of the alt music but his music is about mental health 💀

  67. Brett Rodgers

    Brett RodgersПре месец

    Jxdn x nothing nowhere ?

  68. S A V I O R

    S A V I O RПре месец

    Can we talk about how every person Travis barker takes under his wings has the best songs?

  69. F&Mreactions

    F&MreactionsПре месец

    wait he made this songgggg

  70. Sarah Werts

    Sarah WertsПре месец

    Das Mädchen kriegt gleich mal was von mir kapiert

  71. Alana Bruce-Fitzgerald

    Alana Bruce-FitzgeraldПре месец

    I don't have words

  72. Anna Petra

    Anna PetraПре месец

    How can you not love it? Gorgeous song

  73. Kobe Murry

    Kobe MurryПре месец

    You my mind like the weather

  74. Lauren Smith

    Lauren SmithПре месец

    this is my most favorite song

  75. Peter Pan

    Peter PanПре месец

    What about if he did song with Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.

  76. Kyle Snedeker

    Kyle SnedekerПре месец

    love the volvo wagon

  77. Aye chanwuthmone

    Aye chanwuthmoneПре месец

    the juice world song lucid dream ''i'm just better off dead....'' xD

  78. Jerilyn Mhae ❤

    Jerilyn Mhae ❤Пре месец

    Ok I think I'm inlove with his songs all are in my playlist now you me the 2000s vibes love it

  79. うちは

    うちはПре месец

    This song is always in my mind

  80. Matthew Schupbach

    Matthew SchupbachПре месец


  81. Grayson Carentz

    Grayson CarentzПре месец

    travis barker really just shows up where ever he's needed

  82. Zelacat

    ZelacatПре 28 дана

    fr i was listening to music on shuffle and nearly every song had travis barker and i was like, "damn, he's just everywhere huh?"

  83. Damn Dum

    Damn DumПре месец

    1.25 sounds dopeeeee

  84. Ava Zulinski

    Ava ZulinskiПре месец

    if anyone cares I'm going to a billie concert and my mom got the tickets for me and I'm trying to get ones to his concert to am i crazy for asking and my mom told me about the billie tickets today i think that i am but i watched something about from the age 12 to the age 22 are the ages that you listen to the most music and remember most and it is the music you will love for ever and never forget and I'm 12 turning 13 in December am i crazy that is a serious question???...

  85. Ava Zulinski

    Ava ZulinskiПре месец

    sorry that was long to god i am ranting to much sorry to anyone who reads this. finally a short one I'm making it longer now I'm going to shut up goo night to anyone reading.

  86. Ava Zulinski

    Ava ZulinskiПре месец

    sorry that just took like ten minutes and my fingers hurt. sorry to anyone reading this it is me ranting abut my life and BTW i share a lot i should not and some thing i say are to make me seem or interesting.

  87. Mismoon 34

    Mismoon 34Пре месец

    Bonjour je suis la française touriste 😂

  88. Doughnutsjelly

    DoughnutsjellyПре месец


  89. Viper24122

    Viper24122Пре месец

    Is that the pool from "MGK - Tickets To My Downfall" album cover?

  90. Haylee Tierney

    Haylee TierneyПре месец

    I I love all your songs / music

  91. agassman

    agassmanПре месец

    What the boy name that singing

  92. Evan Clark

    Evan ClarkПре месец

    Peep the pool...same one my boy MGK used for Tickets To My Downfall album cover....You know you doing it right

  93. Robert Schlackman

    Robert SchlackmanПре месец

    He sounds like a computer.

  94. N D

    N DПре месец

    wth how can someone sound like a computer

  95. nexxt up

    nexxt upПре месец

    nah he dont

  96. Ashley Williams

    Ashley WilliamsПре месец

    Imagine being that ex girlfriend that screwed him over so bad!

  97. gia ginanjar

    gia ginanjarПре месец

    Travis new generation of pop punk

  98. Vale

    ValeПре месец

    Ciao a tutti, sul mio canale ho appena pubblicato una canzone. Se volete, andatela a sentire e ditemi cosa ne pensate e condividetela. Hi, everybody, I just published a song on my canal. If you want to, go and listen to me and tell me what you think and share it.

  99. addie lee

    addie leeПре месец

    Why do any of the other tik-tokers even try? This is the only guy who can actually sing without a bunch of autotune

  100. Cassandra Piolet

    Cassandra PioletПре месец

    obsessed with him and nessa’s music. On another note, the main girl is absolutely gorgeous

  101. Maddy Gil

    Maddy GilПре месец

    Simple plan vibes

  102. Jared Eaton

    Jared EatonПре месец

    Is anyone else wondering how the hell Travis Barker is still alive? He’s partnering with everyone bringing the best genre back!

  103. Ardene Messick

    Ardene MessickПре месец

    How old are your and I'm your 1fan jxdn

  104. it's V

    it's VПре месец

    SO sick bro 🥰😍😘

  105. Pipa Beckstrand

    Pipa BeckstrandПре месец

    Every band/singer that I like has had Travis Barker work with them Coincidence